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Please note the changes to the original Basic Lecture Series, BLS, class that was taught, generally, through the end of 2007.

Jose Silva began teaching this class 12 hours per day for four full days.

Then he cut it to 8 hours per day for four days. This is how I first took the class in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on a Monday through Thursday. We had at least 50 curious-minded people in that class.

Nowadays most Americans and others live such stress-filled lives that it is difficult to get them to commit to this... precisely because they are living such stress-filled lives - which is exactly the foundational power of the Jose Silva’s research.

Then, the class was paired down a lot to be taught Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. In this format of the BLS class we were still cramming 16 mind-cycles into 24 hours of classroom time. This was way too much for many people to take in and it was too dizzy of a pace.

When Laura Silva, Jose’s youngest daughter, became President of Silva International, she recognized that we were teaching too much in just a weekend format. Therefore the classes have been redesigned, new techniques have been added and the full impact of the Silva Method is taught in two classes that make the whole powerful system even better.

And, either class can be taken by anyone at any time. They do not have to take both classes. Of course, recognize that these new classes are designed as powerful compliments to each other.

The Silva Life System class is sections 101, 202 and some of 404 from the original BLS class plus a couple new exercises. This class trains someone that they have dominion over their own mind and thoughts to accomplish specific tasks and goals. We teach how to use the laboratory to generate a strong healing sphere.

The Silva Intuitive Mind class is section 303 from the BLS class plus several new techniques that establish controls to work with the greater Quantum Energy and Intelligence that New Physics says is our basis as beings. It gives people a way to have constant access to Quantum Intelligence, find their life purpose, vision for life, plus the Effective Sensory Projection mind-cycles, pet and human anatomy and case-working.

Please note that Silva Intuitive Mind was previously called Silva UltraMind ESP. Repeat privileges apply to either class.

Concerning tuition for BLS graduates. You can use your BLS lifetime retake privileges to refresh the Silva Life System class. The first time you take the Silva Intuitive Mind class you pay less that half price. $250 or $210 if paid two weeks in advance. Note that instructors charge a seat fee to graduates to help us pay our room expenses. I charge $50 for the whole weekend or $25 for one day.

The only way to get to Carnegie Hall is by practice, practice, practice... right?

At least that’s what they say...

What if you could practice more effectively and could do better in less time?

Students like The Silva Method because they can apply the method to study less and do better in school.

And to do that we have to practice, practice, practice the Silva Method. Each time you do so and have a success you are telling your mind that you have dominion over it. Remember that in the Silva Life System class Section 101 is about gaining dominion over your body. And Section 202 is about gaining dominion over your mind.

A common misconception about The Silva Method is to think that once you take the class everything will change... as if by magic.

Some things may... and some will take practice. Just consider that your mind is conditioned over years of doing things in one way. It may take some consistent application to succeed at some projects that take longer. And with that persistence will come a clear message to your mind that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

And when you stop short of using the method consistently you are sending a message to your mind that you can’t do it. Just keep going and be persistent.

This is one reason I like the business policy of Silva International, Inc. that each graduate can retake the class for free from any instructor in any of the countries where it is taught (a nominal seat fee may be charged to help cover costs)


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"A successful individual typically sets his next goal somewhat but not too much above his last achievement. In this way he steadily raises his level of aspiration."
--Kurt Lewin

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