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Overview of The Silva Method of Mind Development
          Better Life Foundational System

This premiere Mind Development system consists of two classes (official names): Silva Life System and Silva Intuition Training. They work together to unlock the genius potential that resides in everyone.

“The greatest discovery you’ll ever make… is the potential of your own Mind.” Jose Silva, founder.

Foundation upon which it is built

Jose Silva began his research to help his children do better in school. He developed a system for them to de-stress their mind and body on cue so that the fight or flight effect is reduced and they then have access to the information stored in the neocortex brain. Their grades increased notably as did the neighborhood children who were trained as does any student who uses these techniques which are brief and easy to use. His research showed that this system actually increases a person’s intelligence because it trains people to use their visualization and imagination proactively to utilize the process of deductive thinking at will while the brain frequency is in the alpha range, seven to fourteen hertz. With continued practice the system produces an awakening of a person’s inherent psychic abilities. The creative hemisphere (right) becomes used equally with the logical hemisphere (left) thus creating more genius use of one’s mind. Through continued practice people will begin to have a consistent increase in their intuitive hits about life, very specifically. This occurs because the creative hemisphere is trained just like traditional educational system train the logical hemisphere by establishing points of reference relating to objective form. This system does this in the subjective consciousness and links it to the objective world of form again by training people to, in the alpha brain frequency, stay alert, to focus their thoughts and to program their minds using the faculties of their genius mind: visualization and imagination.

Quick overview of each class

The Silva Life System (SLS) training is what I consider to be all about Mind Mastery. At its most fundamental level people learn very clear, specific and effective Mind-Body Management Skills that can be used on their own. This is personal empowerment. People learn how to establish control over their thought processes which are the foundational mind skills required to re-program the mind to achieve what is most desired, whether it be an internal behavioral change, an external habit change, a mental improvement in functioning or achieving a desired goal. The list of techniques learned is here at my website. Skills include Students studying less and increasing grades, Releasing pain without medication, going to Sleep without medication, energizing Goals, changing behaviors and reactions to events, initiating the law of attraction, Energizing water for goals and being able to de-stress mind and body in just one breath. A place in mind is established called the Mental Laboratory with counselors that can be used for remote healing, personal past healing, remote viewing and creativity and intuition on cue. Everyone simply learns that when they direct their minds to an endeavor, they achieve it! This leads to a high skill of using one’s mind at a higher level of functioning thus living a very empowered existence.

This is proven in teenagers in the study done at Hallahan High School. This and other studies are available at

The Silva intuition Training (SIT), aka Silva Intuitive Mind class takes the same concept from the SLS class that we can establish dominion over our thoughts to develop Mind-Body Management Skills and applies it to the Intelligence that Quantum Physicists tells us exists in the Quantum Energy of life. This develops one’s Mind Skills to the next level where students learn to access Quantum Intelligence on cue and to direct it, listen to it and work with it to begin to live a life of vision, mission and on purpose. The list of techniques gained is here.

I have to tell you that I, the instructor, am doing this now more than I ever have: living and doing life on purpose. Nothing matches this level of heart-ful satisfaction at a deeper level than I have previously experienced. I am busy with much to do and it rarely feels like a chore. In class when I discuss the Be—Do—Have triangle I mention the energy of passion that gets evoked when living with an awareness of your BE-ingness. It is true. Work feels effortless. You get more done. Creativity is palpable. Intuition is constant. Words cannot ever convey the totality of actually doing life this way. It is an internal movement full of self fulfillment and fullness of and with life.


By Linda Almaraz, a realtor who, in just 3 years, became a million-dollar closer

Her article:

How do the two classes work together?

Imagine that you have a network of electrical wires where some have clear paths from beginning to end and some have poor paths with bad wiring, exposed wires that touch each other trying to get to their intended path. What happens when you apply the electrical source? The Greater Electrical Source does not have a positive impact in that network because the power shorts out and is not clearly directed.

If a person starts getting psychic and has intuition strongly without having developed their ability to use the physical mind well then the greater power gets diffused and is not used as effectively as it can be. The better someone can direct their own mind and body the better their mind’s expansive abilities, the psychic abilities, will have the clear pathways to flow through to make life richer.

As a second attempt to image the way the two classes work together, consider elementary science when you learned how to use a magnifying glass to burn a leaf or grass. The sun is the power that resides in the sky just waiting for us to learn how to access its power. You use a tool, a magnifying glass, to focus its power to achieve an objective.

In the Silva Life System class a person learns how to use their tool, their mind, to focus thought to use the power that resides in the sky, known as Quantum Energy or Universal Source Energy, to achieve particular tasks. In the Silva Intuition Training, a person then learns how to focus at a higher level to achieve tasks that good for the greater consciousness.

Not to endorse any religion – just the concept: the saying that God helps those who help themselves. We have the power to direct our body and our mind and the power to develop a co-creative working relationship with God. This system develops the human part of the equation to all of this.

The mental development of Silva Method graduates as they continue to practice

First, they learn to de-stress their mind and body on cue. This stress-management skill gives a person control over most of their health since more than eighty percent of all illnesses and ninety percent of all headaches are stress related.

Second, a person starts having new ideas and thoughts. This is the increased intelligence kicking in.

Third, a practicing graduate begins to have intuition on cue. Just like someone knows what a color is when he or she looks at it without having to do some mental exercise first, the person begins to ‘hear/get/intuit’ direction, ideas, answers, thoughts, information that comes in through his or her imagination, automatically. This is important: it becomes automatic just like other logical mental processes. So does creativity.

Fourth, a person develops innate abilities to direct healing energy, move this energy and cause an acceleration in healing to occur.

Even more evolution occurs beyond this. And this shows the development of this tried and proven subjective educational system that was developed through empirical research.

Please note: My first-ever tuition and services increase will be implemented effective January 1, 2010. Any class or service purchased at current rates will be honored through the end of 2010.

Articles, Resources and Research links

Jose Silva in the New York Times:

Snippets of research with graphs:

Three studies – Hallah High School, Albuquerque Report, Study on Alcoholics:

Lamar Irwin’s, instructor, published articles:

Video of Jose Silva, audio of Laura Silva and the Hungary Director/Instructor who has 500+ monthly in classes:

Research articles at the Silva International site. Includes the cancer research doctor’s findings:

Testimonials, Real Estate Success and Famous Graduates:

Either class can be taken first. And each one provides great benefits independent of each other. It is just when both skill sets are combined they become catalysts to each other and cause a synergistic effect continuously evolving a person’s brain and mental prowess the more one practices.

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